Award winning Beacon Down wines are available to buy. These wines encapsulate our style and our vineyard to the full. 

If you're not sure about making a purchase why not come visit and learn more about the story behind the vineyard's establishment, and the excitement surrounding English viticulture with a tour and a tasting. If you're keen to purchase then perhaps add a wine carrier and transport your wines of England in style.

If you''re keen to get involved and learn more about the industry then our lease a vine options may be for you.

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Bacchus 2017
12.95 14.95

Our dream of creating delicious single estate wine from England is perfectly realised in this dry, crisp and vibrant Bacchus. England’s answer to Sauvingnon Blanc, our first 100% Bacchus wine is bursting with citrus flavours, and notes of apples and pears. It has won bronze medals at both the Independent English Wine Awards and the International Wine and Spirit Competition.

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Bacchus 2018

Our 2018 Bacchus reflects the glorious summer of 2018 with ripe fruit flavours of apples and pears. Refreshing and mouth watering - perfect for enjoying on a warm day - perhaps overlooking the beautiful vines at Beacon Down!

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Pinot Gris 2018

A fantastic wine from a small plot of carefully hand-tended vines. The 2018 grapes were plentiful and ripe with full flavour development. Carefully harvested by Beacon Down friends and family followed by a very cool fermentation has resulted in a wine that is subtle on the nose and delicious on the palate with flavours of stone fruit and a tropical finish.

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Tours and Tastings

Come and experience our vineyard first hand and enjoy breathtaking views across to the South Downs in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Your tour will be led by the owners who will introduce you to English viticulture and the challenges and excitement of making wine in this country. Your visit will conclude with a tasting of the current wines

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Take a picnic after your tour and tasting (please book elsewhere on the website to select a date) and enjoy a range of locally produced meats, cheese and other products. Vegetarian option available - please tick the pop up form that follows if required. Wine and soft drinks can be purchased on the day - tea, coffee and water are free.

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Want to be part of the Beacon Down journey?


Lease a Vine 2019
from 45.00

This is your opportunity to lease a vine at the vineyard and be involved with its progress through the year.

In return for your support you will receive a number of bottles of wine that they have helped produce and a range of other benefits.  Your package will provide you with unique opportunities to access the vineyard, see and tend to your vine(s), come along to a tour and tasting and learn more about what it takes to run an English vineyard. 

Free delivery is included (for the Welcome Pack) - please enter LEASE as a Discount Code at checkout.

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