Want to be part of the Beacon Down journey? Lease a vine and enjoy some exclusive benefits.


The 2019 lease a vine package is no longer available for sale. Do check back soon as we will be launching our 2020 lease a vine packages (including a sparkling wine option) shortly.

A lovely welcome pack will arrive to your front door [1] with a certificate of lease, a tag for when you come to choose your vines, a map and further information to develop your understanding of the vineyard. 

Your chosen package - of either 1 or 6 vines - will provide you with unique opportunities to access the vineyard through 2019.

In return for your support you will receive number of bottles of wine that your vine(s) have produced [2] and a range of other benefits.

You will be able to come along to a tour and tasting, choose the vines you would like to lease and learn more about what it takes to run an English vineyard. If you opt to lease 6 vines you will also be able to look forward to a stylish picnic following your tasting with fantastic views. 

Full details in the table below.

You will also receive updates on your vines, the vineyard’s development and be the first to hear about new opportunities.

Come and be involved in this exciting and dynamic industry; or give a gift that lasts all year.


[1] Free delivery is included (for the Welcome Pack) - please enter LEASE as a Discount Code at checkout.

[2] Please note your grapes will be mixed with others of the same variety to produce the wines. 

[3] The supply of wine is dependent on proof of age. If you choose to have your wine delivered it will need to be signed for by the named recipient who must be over 18 years of age,  

Lease a vine options (2019)

Lease a vine options (2019)